Newcastle School term dates: The day pupils return from the summer holidays and full 2022-23 term schedule

Children have started their longest break from school of the year.

The six week break kids across Newcastle have been allocated as the summer holiday has now begun, but when do pupils return to schools and what are the full term dates ahead of the 2022-23 academic year?

It may have only just started, but some parents may already be casting their eyes over calendars for the end of the summer holiday. The key date for those looking at the end of the longest break of the year is September 5 when kids will return to the classroom.

This leaves a six week break between school years according to the dates set out by Newcastle City Council.

Newcastle School term dates: The day pupils return from the summer holidays and full 2022-23 term schedule.

After seven weeks of school, kids will then be able to enjoy their first half term of the year in October. This will run between Monday 24 and Friday 28 and give students a one week rest before returning for the run up to Christmas.

After eight weeks back in school, the two week Christmas break begins on Friday December 23 before kids return on Monday January 9. Within this break there are five days of bank holidays with children only returning to education a few days after the rest of the country.


Another half term falls over the final full week of February with kids off for five days between Monday 20 and Friday 24 of the second month of the year.

Following that, Friday March 31 sees the final day of the Spring term before the Easter Break with kids returning on April 17. In addition to the two week break, Friday 7 and Monday 10 are both bank holidays for families to enjoy the longer weekend.

The 2023 May half term falls on the same week as the May Day Bank Holiday this year with families able to enjoy Monday May 29 together before school children continue to spend the week away from education before returning on Monday June 5.

From this point, all eyes will be turned to the summer of 2023, which will come nearly seven weeks after the return from the Spring half term. The 2023 summer break will start on Friday July 21 and run until Monday September 4.