When is World Book Day 2022? All you need to know about the event this year

This year’s edition comes with a theme to encourage children from underprivilaged backgrounds to get reading.

World Book Day 2022 is coming up. (Photo by Anne-Sophie THILL / AFP) (Photo by ANNE-SOPHIE THILL/AFP via Getty Images)
World Book Day 2022 is coming up. (Photo by Anne-Sophie THILL / AFP) (Photo by ANNE-SOPHIE THILL/AFP via Getty Images)

World Book Day is on the horizon, meaning it isn’t long until kids across the UK dress up as their favourite characters for school.

This year’s edition of the global event takes place on Thursday March 3 and marks the 25th year of the celebration in the UK.

The event is a localised version of UNESCO’s World Book Day, which was organised in order to promote reading, publishing and copyright in 1995. This is usually celebrated on April 23 each year. The date was changed in the UK to avoid clashes with other holidays such as Easter Weekend and St George’s Day.

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    Part of World Book Day in the UK is allowing Children of all ages a chance to get a free book as part of a voucher programme to encourage reading. The token allows all children to pick up a free book from a pre selected group of publications or £1 off any book or audiobook in participating bookshops.

    What is the World Book Day theme this year?

    The theme for the UK’s 2022 World Book Day events is ‘You Are A Reader’ as the charity look to encourage readership among children. The £1 voucher deal is a part of this, with 12 books having been published as part of the celebrations.

    The books range in ability from those at the start of their reading journey to independent readers. Three books are also available exclusively in other parts of the UK, with two books in Ireland and another in Wales.

    How can I claim my child’s free book through the £1 token scheme?

    The process to collect a free book is simple - all kids need to do is collect their token from their school or nursery, turn up in a participating store and pick their book.

    Kids have the option to get a free book from the new selection released for World Book Day or get a discount on any other book.

    The World Book Day £1 books are a gift from booksellers, who fully fund the cost of the £1 book tokens.

    The tokens are valid between Thursday February 17 and Sunday March 27.