Paralympic inspiration at Smiles for Life in Gosforth

Young people with learning difficulties looked to emulate sporting heroes at the start of the Paralympics.

To celebrate the start of the Paralympics in Tokyo, young people with learning difficulties have been looking to emulate their superstar heroes with some sporting efforts of their own.

The young people from Smile For Life Children’s Charity have a range of motor and movement issues caused by their learning difficulties, and have spent the past 18 months largely unable to get active because of Covid-19 restrictions. In a bid to get them back outdoors and mixing with friends, Smile For Life Chief Exec, Paual Gascoigne, said it’s important to get them inspired to overcome obstacles.

She said: “Alot of them do know each other through our working Cafe Beam and some of the challenge days we run each year, but some of them have never met each other before, and they are strengthening friendships”.

After weeks of practicing and training, the youngsters gott into the Paralympic spirit thanks to a sporting session from personal trainer Jordan Bell, who put them through their paces in a range of activities, including starjumping, shot-put, long jump and tug-of-war.