Priority post boxes in Newcastle: Where can I find my nearest post box to send a postal Coronavirus PCR test?

(Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)(Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)
(Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)
Postal PCR tests need to be sent back via priority post boxes for a result to be returned.

The omicron variant of the Coronavirus has resulted in swathes of the UK needing to take PCR tests to see if they have the virus or not. PCR tests which are delivered by post to anyone who has symptoms needs to be returned via priority post boxes.

What is a Royal Mail priority post box?

Priority post boxes were introduced as part of the fight against Coronavirus. These are used to ensure postal tests can reach laboratories across the country quickly to ensure minimal time is taken for anyone to find out the result of their test.

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All priority postboxes can be found on the Royal Mail website in addition to having a NHS sticker to help the public notice them. All information on collection times can also be found on the website, with most additional Covid test collections being scheduled for 3:00pm.

Where are the priority post boxes across Newcastle?

Each priority post box is listed below:


Newgate Street

Percy Street

Barras Bridge Post Office

Nun Street

Newcastle University

Market Street

Nothumberland Street Post Office

Pilgrim Street

Pilgrim Street (Goldsmiths)

Pilgrim Street (Odeon)

Neville Street

Oxford Street

St Nicolas Street

South Street bus stop

South Street Service Centre

Ellison Place

New Bridge Street


Stepney Road

Delta Bank Road


Holland Business Park

Eslington Terrace

Starbeck Avenue Post Office


Gosforth Delivery Office

Regent Farm Road


Westgate Hill Post Office

Fenham Road

Cruddas Park

Armstrong Drive

Benwell Grove Post Office

Benwell Post Office

NE5: N/A


Walker Road

Brough Park Road

Industry Road