Where can I get a booster vaccination at walk-in Coronavirus vaccination centres in and around Newcastle?

The Government campaign to get the population vaccinated is continuing throughout the winter.

According to the most recent Government data, 46.5 million people in the UK have now had both of their Coronavirus vaccinations, with a further 20 million picking up their booster jab.

But if you haven’t had the chance to pick up any of your vaccinations so far, there are walk-in sites across the region which will allow you to get any vaccinations you can still recieve.

People aged 18 and over in the UK are able to pick up their booster jabs from walk-in sites across the UK while the NHS Covid Vaccination booking system also allows any adult to book an appointment for their booster vaccine. The first and second doses are also still available from walk-in sites and through the booking system if necessary.

Walk in vaccination centres are now across the UK.

Booster jabs are only available to people who received their second vaccination at least 91 days previously.

It is required that people getting their second jab are given the same type of vaccination as their first. Second vaccines are expected to be given between eight and 12 weeks after the initial dose.

Opening times for the sites are available on the NHS website.

Where are the walk-in vaccination sites in and around Newcastle?

Lobley Hill Vaccination Site – NE11 9LJ

The Gateshead centre has booster doses available as well as first doses, the second dose of Pfizer and a third dose for anyone with a weakened immune system.

Northumbria University – NE7 7XA

The university have opened their doors to the public at their Coach Lane Campus West site and have boosters, first doses as well as the second doses of both Pfizer and Astrazeneca available.

Gosforth Clinic – NE3 4UN

In Gosforth, the church of the Ascension on Creighton Avenue are welcoming anyone wanting to be vaccinated. The site currently has all doses of the vaccine available with the exception of Moderna’s second dose and a third dose for anyone with a weakened immune system.

Fairman’s – NE28 8HU

Fairman’s currently only have the booster vaccine available at their site in Wallsend.