Christmas 2022: UK cities feeling the glummest about the Christmas revealed, with Newcastle bottom

Research conducted by Virgin Experience Days revealed Newcastle joins Glasgow as the two cities feeling the glummest about Christmas

Newcastle, along with Edinburgh has been revealed as the cities feeling the glummest about Christmas this year. The research comes from Virgin Experience Days, who recently revealed their findings regarding which city is looking forward to Christmas the most, and the cities who aren’t.

The list appears to show a clear north/south discrepancy, as the top three cities looking forward to Christmas the most are from the south. But, as the list descends, more northern cities pop up.

It seems a  lot of people are not yet embracing the Christmas season. This could be due to the cost of living crisis, which has left many people struggling financially. The research also revealed that over half of Brits (58 percent) say they will be reducing their overall spending this Christmas, with gifts taking priority in their budgets.

Youngsters, those who have recently purchased a house or are slowly building their careers are also looking to save pennies this Christmas. Almost three quarters (68 percent) of young people (25-34) plan to reduce their spending in contrast to only half (50 percent) of over 55s.

Commenting on the research, Richard Hurd-Wood, CEO of Virgin Experience Days, said: “The pandemic created two very strange Christmases, so it’s no surprise to see many people looking forward to the festive period more than last year – but there are some big regional disparities.

“Despite the cost-of-living crisis, gifting is still a huge priority for people, with most Christmas budgets going towards treating families and friends. This is good news for the economy – and hopefully lots of small businesses and suppliers around the country who rely on Christmas for trade, including our 1,500 suppliers and experience providers.

“At Virgin Experience Days we are committed to helping people find the perfect gift for their loved ones. There is clearly an appetite for gifts that allow people to spend time together while we make up for the past two years – especially during Christmas.”

Top Christmassy-feeling cities in the UK: listed in order of those most excited

1.       London (61%)

2.       Birmingham (60%)

3.       Southampton (56%)

4.       Manchester (54%)

5.       Nottingham (53%)

6.       Leeds (52%)

7.       Cardiff (52%)

8.       Plymouth (50%)

9.       Brighton (50%)

10.   Sheffield (50%)

11.   Liverpool (50%)

12.   Norwich (50%)

13.   Bristol (49%)

14.   Glasgow (48%)

15.   Belfast (47%)

16.   Newcastle (39%)

17.   Edinburgh (37%)