These foods could be keeping you awake

Your diet could be keeping you awake at night (photo: Adobe)Your diet could be keeping you awake at night (photo: Adobe)
Your diet could be keeping you awake at night (photo: Adobe)
Anyone who has endured broken sleep knows the shadow it can cast across daily life. So whatever measures can be taken to help break the cycle are usually welcomed.

Most of us are already aware we should should steer clear of caffeine before bedtime, but should other foods also be avoided to get a full night's sleep?

“There are loads of factors that contribute to our sleep and a massive one is food,” said Nic Shacklock, of, whose

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fitted furniture experts have looked into the common foods that keep people awake at night.

"A lot of us end up eating foods that keep us awake without even realising,” said Nic. “Caffeine is an obvious one but we should also be mindful that spicy and sugary foods are affecting us too.

“It's unrealistic to avoid all of these things before bed all of the time but the best thing to do is ensure you are eating an early dinner and a balanced diet.

"When we eat dinner late, we’re not giving our body enough time to digest our food which can lead to an uncomfortable sleep.”

These foods could be keeping you awake:

Caffeinated foods and drinks

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The obvious one to avoid is coffee but chocolate also contains caffeine and could contribute to disrupted sleep.

Spicy foods

Spicy foods can cause indigestion and acid reflux which worsen as we lie down.

They can also increase our body temperature, making us feel warmer at night.

If you do like spicy food try to have it at least four hours before bed.


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Eating sweets before bed leads to a spike in our blood sugar levels.

Our body then releases insulin which helps to convert the sugar into energy - which is the last thing we want before bed.

Fast foods

If you’re going for a fast food dinner, be mindful of the time.

Our bodies take longer to properly digest foods that are high in carbs and fats.


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Although you may find it easier to drift off to sleep after a nightcap, alcohol doesn’t promote a restful sleep.

Those who frequently drink alcohol before bed may find they wake up earlier than they wish.

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