Strong Point: the new game for Trivial Pursuit lovers

Everyone has their strong point … and even if quizzing isn’t your thing, this brand new game launched by a Ryton couple could make you a winner.

Meet the brand new quiz where general knowledge isn’t the only way to win
Meet the brand new quiz where general knowledge isn’t the only way to win

Lockdown saw the popularity of quizzing and board games soar, and one local couple saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the market.

Gillian Hauxwell and Simon Evans, who live in Ryton, dreamt up the idea for Strong Point while out on their daily run during the first lockdown. They spent months fine-tuning their idea and researching over 1500 quiz questions before launching the trivia game to market.

Sales are already doing well, and it’s available from their own website, via Amazon, at the Travelling Man stores in the North of England, and will have a spot at the Great British Pop Up event in John Lewis Newcastle this Autumn. It will also be on sale at various local events, including Living North Christmas Fayres at Newcastle and York Racecourses, and at the Beamish Hall Christmas market.

This brand new game born in Ryton is bound to be a hit with friends and family

Si said: “We’ve been getting really good feedback. Some players tell us that they like it even more than Trivial Pursuit! We think we’ve got a unique concept that makes it appeal to many people.”

How does it work?

There are around 200 categories ranging from TV comedy duos to the football world cup, and creepy crawlies to cartoons. As Si says, they are confident everyone’s strong point is in there.

Each category has five questions – when your card is drawn your opponents predict how many questions you will get right in the category. The player gets points for every question they get right, and opponents who guess the number correctly earn themselves bonus points.

The result is that the person with the strongest general knowledge might not be the winner – the person who knows their friends or workmates the best may well come out on top.

So, it’s a game of strategy, knowledge, and lots of fun, packed into an amazing game.

Who can play?

The categories cover such a broad range of topics it’s probably best for 14 upwards, but younger players can easily pair up with an adult to form a dream team.

Whether it’s a family party, a catch up with friends or a work event, this game pits your trivia knowledge against how well you know your opponents, making it the perfect blend of gameplay and predictions.

What’s next?

Gill and Si, who were finalists in the First North East Start Up Awards this year, aren’t resting on their laurels. They're aiming for an expansion pack with 100 more category cards to be available by Christmas, and plans are underway for specialist versions opening up new regions of the world or quiz topics.

Gill said: “We hope you enjoy Strong Point and hope you'll find it as much fun to play as we have found it to create.”

You can buy the game direct from Gill and Si via the website here , priced at £27.99.