These are the latest home trends - inspired by 90s decor

From neon signs to blonde wood, it's back to the 90s within our homes, as a recent report shows searches for retro and nostalgic items fro this decade are up by 729 percent.

Be bold and bright with neon lights in or outside the home
Be bold and bright with neon lights in or outside the home

The research by Etsy demonstrates how the 90s are currently influencing home design choices.

Interior designer, Anne Haimes, has top tips on how to achieve the 90s aesthetic in a stylish, modern way.

Neon signs

Modern blonde furniture in luxury kitchen. Minimalist scandinavian style apartment.

Colourful and fun neon lights have made a welcome return. If you have the budget, you can even custom order your own neon design to create a conversational art piece.

But while neon lights can be striking in the right setting, it’s easy for them to overwhelm your space.

To avoid your neon looking too kitsch, accent the colour of the neon within other décor pieces to tie the room together.

Be smart about hiding wires too – nothing can throw off a statement wall quite like an obvious cable.

Interior of stylish room with neon lighting

If you didn’t opt for a wireless neon sign, conceal wires behind furniture and use wire covers in the same colour as your walls.

Go big on blonde wood

The 90s were a time for paler shades of wood, with kitchen cabinets often made entirely of lacquered lighter woods such as light oak or pine.

Today, blonde wood is just as popular, with Scandi design encouraging light and calming interiors using natural colour palettes and materials.

The wallpaper creates a stunning backdrop in this well balanced room.

You can modernise the 90s style by removing glossy lacquer and exposing wood for a modern matte finish.

In kitchens, keep things light and airy by opting for open shelves instead of overhead cabinets. Or go for a two-toned kitchen by painting overhead cabinets white.

Playful patterns

The rise of the ‘grandmillennial’ (or granny-chic) sees a modernised take on traditional décor elements. Think wicker, doilies, needlepoint throw pillows and romantic patterns.

Botanical wallpapers were a staple for 90s households, and now the trend is back. To modernise the look, contrast soft-coloured floral patterns with electric shades to create a striking contrast and a sense of depth.

Or try a bold animal print? Leopard print was all the rage in the 90s. Less is more when it comes to animal prints, and the more abstract the pattern the better. They work particularly well with bold tropical prints and deep, rich colour palettes.

Statement mirrors

Mirrors have long been a top trick to bounce light and give the impression of space. Opting for more unusual mirrors can be a nod to 90s interior fashion, introducing playfulness and a point of focus.

The ceiling-mounted disco ball is the most iconic 90s mirror trend, but you don’t have to be that extreme. The golden rule for a nostalgic look is to seek out misshapen, oblong and organic shapes to help soften the space.

Thrifty finds

Styling your home doesn’t have to be expensive. Discovering cheaper treasures you can’t buy in high street shops will guarantee your home is unique.

Scouring your local charity shop or online second-hand retailers can be a great way to find genuine vintage pieces that are bang on trend.

Anne advised: “Most importantly, have fun with creating your own style and gravitate towards pieces you love”.

The one rule with 90s décor is that there are no rules.