This is how you can brighten your mood - along with your home

It sounds unlikely, but a surprising number of people know just how to cheer themselves up when feeling a bit low – by tackling household chores.

Don't delay washing up - your spirits will flag if you come home from work to a sink full of pots.
Don't delay washing up - your spirits will flag if you come home from work to a sink full of pots.

A recent study has revealed that over 70 per cent of people claim that cleaning helps to make them feel happy.

However, some chores give greater satisfaction than others, it seems, as 55 per cent of Brits confess to avoiding certain tasks that they don’t enjoy.

Psychologist Barbara Santini linked with Astonish, who carried out the research, to see how decluttering and cleaning can help to create a positive mental wellbeing.

Tackle cleaning jobs from the floor up to enhance your mood

It was revealed that although over two-thirds of Brits do enjoy carrying out cleaning tasks, one in three don’t have a favourite job.

From washing the dishes, to revamping the floor and making tiles sparkle, the five cleaning tasks below are recommended if you want to feel great afterwards;

Apply bathroom basics to various areas of the bathroom before or after use. Cleaning in the shower is a great opportunity to feel productive and to multi-task.

Barbara recommends washing the shower drain or bathtub, voiding stagnant water, and scrubbing bathroom tiles.

Wash the pots, as a pile of dirty pots is not the most welcoming sight to cme home to after work. Try to clean up after meals to feel ahead of the game.

Barbara said: “A clean home makes you feel in control and makes it easier to restore your mental psyche.”

Frisk up the floor it’s a huge and much used area of a home, so keeping on top of hoovering or mopping is important and will give a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Barbara added: “Cleaning can be a form of workout that burns calories and triggers a release of endorphin hormones which are linked to elating a mood.

"Scrub the floor until it sparkles and thoroughly vacuum the carpets.”

Focus on specific rooms at a time to spread the workload.

There are multiple areas of a kitchen, so Barbara suggests: “Clean the kitchen tiles, reorganise your fridge and all contents in the cupboards or drawers.

"The sense of satisfaction or accomplishment after tidying your home can increase happiness and motivation to complete other pending challenges.”

Finally, improve positivity by using eco-friendly products – so taking small steps towards being environmentally conscious.​​​​​

Howard Moss, CEO at Astonish said: “There’s no doubt that cleaning offers people an escape, giving them a focal point on which to concentrate and achieve a goal in the comfort of their own home.

"We hope our tips encourage people to try jobs that give the ultimate satisfaction, which can in turn improve mental wellbeing.”