This trend is overtaking all others as a must-have in the home

As house prices continue to rise across the UK and many people choose to work on improving their current home rather than try to make a move, special areas dedicated as ‘self spaces’ have become increasingly popular.

Space to call your own
Space to call your own

When thinking about their emotional and physical wellbeing, more than a fifth of Brits say they will spend money this year on decorating their homes, with self-spaces (a space at home devoted exclusively to self-care), rising as a top home trend for 2022.

Research shows that over a third of us have created a place in our homes that is dedicated to wellness or hobbies, and 48 per cent of people in the UK say that they would look for such a room or space as a priority in their next home.

Among the nation’s top self care priorities this year are ‘me time’ (68 per cent), spending more time on hobbies (66 per cent) and maintaining a better work/life balance (58 per cent), with the home centre stage in making this a reality.

Reading corners are the most sought after 'me space' within a home currently

In their day-to-day life, seven in ten people feel most relaxed while at home, but in spite of this, one in ten say that the lack of dedicated space for themselves means that they are unable to relax properly.

Whether it’s being surrounded by day-to-day mess, a continual reminder of ‘jobs’ to be done, or the constant barrage of laundry and ironing, many Brits can’t always find the quiet corner they’d like.

Such is the rise in popularity for self-spaces, Brits now maintain that having such a room is more important than a new kitchen (38 per cent), a new en-suite bathroom (39 per cent), a new living room (37 per cent) or a new garden (37 per cent).

The UK’s top 10 preferences for self-spaces, according to a study by online brand notonthehighstreet, are:

Home gyms are another main choice among self spaces at home

1 Reading corner (16 per cent),

2 Gym (16 per cent),

3 Walk in wardrobe (14 per cent),

4 Cinema room (14 per cent),

5 ‘Man cave’ (14 per cent),

6 Music room (13 per cent)

7 Arts and Crafts studio (12 per cent),

8 Gaming room (12 per cent),

9 Study room (11 per cent),

10 Mini library (10 per cent).

More than a fifth of Brits say they will spend money this year on decorating their homes. That is more than they’ll spend on eating out at bars and restaurants (21 per cent), staycationing (20 per cent) or buying themselves new clothes (16 per cent).

Working with its own British small business partners, notonthehighstreet aims to help the nation create their ideal self-spaces.

For ideas, visit https://www.notonthehighstreet.comHolly Harper, head of inspiration at the brand said: “We want to help people feel inspired in their homes by helping them claim a creative space, however big or small, that they can devote to their hobbies or self-care.

“Our research has revealed the top self-spaces that Brits would most desire and we’re delighted to share tailored edits to help inspire the nation to make their quest for more ‘me time’ a reality.”