Household Support Fund: How can residents across Newcastle and North and South Tyneside apply for cost of living support?

Local councils have been given millions of pounds in funding to allocate to those in need.

Councils across the North East have been giving funding to assist residents as the cost of living crisis continues to make life harder for millions across the UK.

Newcastle City Council have said they have been awarded £2.9m from the Government's Household Support Fund to support vulnerable households and individuals.

Funding has already been made available earlier in the year to support families with children on free school meals throughout the summer holidays in addition to pension aged customers in receipt of Council Tax Support and others who are in significant financial difficulty.

Household Support Fund: How can residents across Newcastle and North and South Tyneside apply for cost of living support?. (Photo by Susannah Ireland / AFP)

The Council have also claimed more funding will be made available throughout the Autumn and Winter months following the rise in the energy price cap. This was announced at the end of August and will come into place on Sunday, October 1.

Additional funds are already expected to hit bank balances throughout the year.

The initial instalment for benefit claimants, which was paid into bank accounts, came on Thursday, July 14 and was valued at £326, with the rest to follow in a second instalment in the autumn – most likely from early in October although a specific date is yet to be announced.

The plans were initially announced by former Chancellor Rishi Sunak earlier this year.

A disability cost of living payment is also expected to be paid into benefit claimant accounts. This is a £150 lump sum available to anyone who receives any of the following:

Attendance Allowance Constant Attendance Allowance Disability Living Allowance for adults Disability Living Allowance for children Personal Independence Payment Adult Disability Payment (in Scotland) Child Disability Payment (in Scotland) Armed Forces Independence Payment War Pension Mobility Supplement

Those who are eligible for the disability cost of living payment should receive their payment from September straight into the account their regular support is paid into. Payments will be made to people who get a qualifying disability from the Department for Work and Pensions before payments to people who get a qualifying benefit from the Ministry of Defence.

Newcastle City Council, South Tyneside Council and North Tyneside Council all have ongoing support funds for those in need.