Newcastle crowned as the second biggest hotspot for takeaways in the UK

A study found that Newcastle has an astonishing number of takeaways.

We all love a bit of scran don’t we? Well, a study by savings company, Raisin UK has proven that to be the case, as they found Newcastle to be almost the biggest hotspot for takeaways.

Raisin UK set up the study to discover how much money the UK spend on takeaways over supermarket food shops, how many takeaway options there are in each area, and if the amount affects house prices.

Newcastle has 2,703 takeaways

To discover the “Takeaway Capital” of the UK, the study Raisin UK conducted analysed the amount of takeaway options in each UK city in comparison to their population. Newcastle came second place, while Bournemouth took the top spot with 3,992 takeaway options.

Newcastle has a population of 290,688 people, and a whopping 2,703 takeaways. Due to Newcastle having two universities (Newcastle and Northumbria), the city has a large student population which could contribute to the demand for takeaways.

Newcastle residents are estimated to spend approx 3.75 per cent of their income on takeaways - the third highest rate of all cities in the UK. You can view the full study by Raisin UK here.