Newcastle TikTok stars: Geordie accounts to follow including Newcastle United and Sam Fender

Check out the TikTok accounts below who show love for Newcastle!

TikTok is still going strong and has become so much more than just a social media app for dancing videos. Now, on TikTok people are able to find news and topical debates, as well as comedy sketches, beauty hacks and so much more! But what we at NewcastleWorld love to see on the app are videos about our amazing city, whether that be a TikTok showing a new bar or restaurant or a geordie celeb making funny videos. Here are the best North East TikTok accounts you need to follow!


Rebecca Baty has amassed over 50,000 followers for her Newcastle based content. In her TikTok videos, Rebecca shows interesting events, hidden gems, restaurants, bars and so much more in and around Newcastle. Her content showcases Newcastle for the amazing place that is, and helps people to find places and things to do in the city they didn’t even know existed.


This TikTok account is made by NE1, the well-known guide website for events and more. NE1 is the organisation behind big Newcastle events such as Newcastle Restaurant Week, Screen on The Green and Summer in the City. Their TikTok takes humorous trending sounds and pairs them with Newcastle based content. They also provide an insight into what’s on in Newcastle and more.


Newcastle music icon Sam Fender has his own TikTok account and it is definitely worth a follow. On it, he shows acoustic sets, clips from interviews and behind the scenes videos which if you are a fan of the singer is an amazing personal insight into Fender. Fender has also shown his typical geordie humour as he posts people watching videos and makes up dialogue for them, and also a series of geordie phrases said in american accents.


Another iconic geordie celebrity, Jade Thirwall began her TikTok in lockdown and has posted many funny videos since. She also posts beauty videos, and insights into her life with her family and friends. Her content is never the same and she keeps us on our toes!


Newcastle United have their own official TikTok account, where they show highlights and sensational moments from football matches, interviews with players and even celebrity football fan cameos, such as a video of Ant and Dec at a match.


Stage One Events is a student events company from Newcastle. In their videos they chat to students on nights out, and ask them random questions. The students’ replies are usually inappropriate or bizarre, but it certainly makes for an entertaining watch.


Lastly, it’s us! Did you know that we have our very own TikTok account where we post news, celebrity content, lifestyle, football, reviews of shows, peeks into Newcastle’s best restaurants and bars and everything else we love at NewcastleWorld!