Money saving tips for pet owners

Here are some money saving tips for pet ownersHere are some money saving tips for pet owners
Here are some money saving tips for pet owners
With many feeling the pressure from the cost of living crisis, pet care is another expense to worry about.

As many as 16 million UK households own a pet which shows how much we love our furry friends.

However, the average cost of owning a dog can rise to over £30,000 over the course of its lifetime.

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For cats, the figure is around £24,000 which is considerably less but still a huge amount to consider as food and fuel prices continue to soar.

Look out for pet food bargains

Always check that you’re not paying for ‘the brand’ because there are always cheaper alternatives available.

The most well-known pet food brands will often add more onto their price tag due to being marketed as a ‘premium brand’.

If this isn’t within your budget, it’s a savvy idea to look at the ingredients on the back of pet food and find cheaper alternatives with equivalent nutritional value.

Learn how to groom your pet at home

Keeping your pet clean is key to their wellbeing.

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Clipping their nails, cleaning gently around their eyes and trimming their coats to remove any dead hair, dandruff and dirt are the very basics of grooming at home.

Try to budget properly

Research reveals that 70% of pet owners are not actually aware of what they spend each year on their furry friends.

When funds are tight, it’s important to be aware of your finances and spending, so there aren’t too many surprises further down the line.

Pets can be unpredictable creatures and not every expense can be planned for, but with money set aside just in case, it will help to alleviate some of the initial panic.

Do your research on pet insurance policies

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The right insurance policy can save you money on fees like yearly vaccinations, vet visits and even major surgeries or any other unexpected procedures.

Don’t abandon your pet’s basic needs

We all know how busy life gets but it goes without saying that you are all your pet has, so try to make the time for them and give them the care they deserve.

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