Top fitness trends to break a sweat in 2023

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New year, new you?Whatever your preferred method of staying in shape, January signals a fresh start, so why not give your fitness routine an overhaul?

Core Balance reveals the top workout trends to break a sweat in 2023:

1 Affordable at-home workouts

Ten per cent of UK adults have either cancelled or are considering cancelling a gym or other sport or exercise membership due to the rising cost of living, according to a recent survey.

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So it’s essential that whatever means you choose to keep in shape is affordable.

Very little equipment is needed to offer a complete full-body workout at home.

2 CrossFit

CrossFit is a training philosophy that’s grown in popularity in recent years.

With many more CrossFit classes opening across the country, the high-intensity combination of weight training and functional movements continues to be a go-to for fitness enthusiasts.

But one class can set you back £20.

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Core Balance predicts many CrossFitters will be swapping their pricey gym memberships for virtual classes.

3 Stamina training

Stamina training is predicted to be the trend to keep energy levels high during the dark winter months, feeding into the growing focus on fitness for well-being as opposed to mainly for aesthetic purposes.

Improving stamina can be achieved with little to no equipment by progressively overloading during workouts, whether that be focused on cardio or weight training.