Ten must visit carnivals around the world this summer

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Holiday goers looking for a memorable break this summer are being encouraged by experts to visit a host of cultural carnivals across the globe.

The experts at award-winning language learning app, Busuu, have provided Brits with a list of the most vibrant carnivals to enrich their cultural experiences during the summer months.

With summer finally here, that can only mean one thing, carnival season. All around the world different countries will be hosting carnivals that all represent specific cultural significance – some of which date back hundreds of years.

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From the emphatic fireworks in Japan to the talented dancers in Barbados, there are numerous fascinating carnivals globally that give people the opportunity to engage with different cultures and see new places.

A spokesperson from Busuu said: “Carnivals are a great way to experience a new culture in a part of the world that you may not have thought to visit before.

“The essence of a carnival is about bringing people together and enjoying everything that the particular culture has to offer. It’s the perfect opportunity to appreciate food, music, dancing, and sometimes, religion in a completely unique way.

“Fortunately, carnivals aren’t restricted by geography, they happen all year round in pretty much every country on earth – so you’d be pretty unlucky if you couldn’t find one to be a part of.”

Busuu’s ten recommendations for where to visit:

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Notting Hill Carnival, England - Returning to London for the first time since pre-pandemic 2019, Notting Hill Carnival has a long and proud history, celebrating Caribbean culture in London since 1966.

Fiesta de San Fermín, Spain - San Fermín is the ultimate fiesta and is renowned for its party atmosphere and good vibes. Ernest Hemingway signposted many of his readers to the beautiful city of Pamplona to enjoy the Running of The Bulls event. This fiesta runs from 6 July to 14 July.

St Lucia Carnival, St Lucia - A vibrant display in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Lucian Carnival is sure to be on the bucket list for many carnival goers. A welcoming atmosphere which celebrates St Lucia’s Catholic, Caribbean and African heritage from 7 July to 20 July.

Rotterdam Unlimited, Netherlands - Parading through the streets of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, with live music, dances and food, Rotterdam Unlimited will draw in visitors from around the world, but is especially accessible for residents of Northern Europe.

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Caribana Toronto, Canada - The largest North American cultural festival draws in over a million visitors between late July and early August. The festivities here are Caribbean inspired, and are a celebration of North America’s Caribbean population.

Culturama, Nevis - With the aim to preserve Nevis’ cultural heritage, Culturama kicks off on 22 July 2022 and celebrates the emancipation of slaves in the 1830s. A colourful street parade can be expected, as well as poetry nights, pageants, food and craft fairs, and much more.

Crop Over, Barbados - Another Caribbean festival, Crop Over takes place in Bridgetown, capital city of Barbados, and is a 300-year-old celebration traditionally for marking the culmination of a successful sugar cane harvest! It is called the most culturally significant festival in Barbados and draws in visitors accordingly.