Your Co-op Broadband launches climate positive broadband offering to help tackle the climate emergency

Your Co-op Broadband has announced that all of its products are now climate positive, helping those looking to make small changes in their daily lives tackle the climate emergency.

With the latest IPCC report outlining the scale of the climate emergency facing the world, a new survey of UK consumers1 has indicated that for more than two-thirds of people (69%) climate change is a priority, but can often seem overwhelming. These consumers are therefore looking to adopt simple measures to reduce their personal carbon footprint.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their carbon footprint, but still face challenges in understanding the impact they have as individuals and the options open to them. One area that lags behind is recognising the environmental impact that their internet and browsing habits have – with 58% of people indicating that they were not aware of the environmental impact.2

This is despite estimates that the carbon footprint of our gadgets, the internet and the systems supporting them account for about 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions3 – similar to the amount produced by the airline industry globally4 – and these emissions are predicted to double by 2025.5

As working patterns continue to evolve in the post-Covid landscape and more businesses and employees look to continue hybrid working, there is greater responsibility on individuals to consider how working from home will impact their own carbon emissions.

More than two thirds (68%) of consumers indicated that they would consider a broadband provider that made a positive environmental impact if they could be confident that they would receive the same level of service.6

Now Your Co-op Broadband has made all of its products Climate Positive, including superfast and ultrafast fibre packages. The business has partnered with climate action organisation Ecologi, which supports environmental projects across the globe, to offset 50kg of CO2e every month for each customer. With the average customer’s broadband package expected to emit around 4kg of CO2e, all Your Co-op Broadband customers will offset more that twelve times the CO2e than is produced by their broadband connection.

Your Co-op Broadband will also fund the planting of a new tree every month for each customer. And customers will be able to track the positive impact that their purchase is having through the Your Co-op Broadband website.

Your Co-op Broadband has been best buy recommended by Ethical Consumer for five years and is part of The Midcounties Co-operative, one of the UK’s largest independent consumer co-operatives, which is fully-owned by its members. The Society also operates Your Co-op Mobile, which partners with Fairphone to offer the world’s most sustainable smartphones, and Your Co-op Energy, which offers the Community Power tariff, the UK’s only energy tariff powered solely by 100% renewable electricity from local, community-owned solar, wind and hydro power projects across the UK.

Customers therefore have the option of choosing Your Co-op for energy and connectivity packages that reduce the environmental impact of their household and make it easier for them to be green – something almost two thirds of consumers said they were looking for (64%).7

Lizzie Hieron, Chief Operating Officer for Utility Solutions at The Midcounties Co-operative said: “We know that the climate emergency is a real and growing concern for many people, but it can often seem like an impossible task to make a difference as an individual. That’s why we’re committed to providing an ethical alternative for consumers and we’re so proud to have become a climate positive broadband provider.

“Being a co-operative means we are fully owned by our members and run for the benefit of our customers, who know that by choosing us to connect or power their homes they’re picking a supplier that is driven by its values and committed to creating a better, fairer world for all.”

Your Co-op Broadband customers also have the option to become members of The Midcounties Co-operative, meaning they are eligible to receive a share of profits, have a say in how the Society is run, how it gives back to local communities and how it supports ethical activities across the UK and internationally. In addition, by becoming members they get access to exclusive offers across the Society’s trading groups, which also include Your Co-op Food, Your Co-op Travel, Your Co-op Healthcare and Your Co-op Childcare.