Cullercoats artist receives Blue Plaque tribute in Whitley Bay

Robert and Isa Jobling have been awarded a blue plaque, placed at their home in Whitley Bay where the pair crafted some of their finest works

A blue plaque ceremony held for artists Robert and Isa Jobling has marked their home with a tribute in Whitley Bay.

The pair were famous for their Cullercoats Art Colony of the 1880s, with Robert finding national fame for capturing the fishing community of Cullercoats.

His piece When the Boats Come in (Morning on the Beach) - 1887 - is a valued part of North Tyneside’s Borough Art Collection.

Whitley Bay now houses a blue plaque commemorating the work of the Jobling duo

Geoff Woodward from Tyne and Wear Archives said: “Robert and Isa Jobling are really important figures in the history of art in terms of their contributions to the artistic scene in this area and region.”

In a joint commemoration, Jobling’s wife Isa Jobling, is celebrated for her outstanding artworks that focused on the women of the Cullercoats fishing community.

Geoff added: “As a woman in the Victorian times, Isa’s artworks were often overlooked and did not receive the acclaim her male counterparts did. Despite this, her work has stood the test of time and today it is recognised and acknowledged for its high quality and attention to detail.”

Steve Bishop, Head of Culture at North Tyneside Council, said: “Like Robert, Isa’s work captures the lives of coastal communities and provides an important record of social history as well as being outstanding artwork.

“This plaque celebrates the work of two great artists and provides some equity in terms of recognising the contribution of both artists to our cultural life in North Tyneside and the North East.”

The blue plaque is located at 29 Victoria Avenue in Whitley Bay, the home the Jobling’s resided in until 1924.