Destiny Streetworx: The charity providing to those in need in Newcastle

The charity provides basic essentials to those living on the streets of Newcastle.

Destiny Streetworx are a community-led organisation in Newcastle, who help those who are homeless and currently living on the streets with basic needs and essentials.

The volunteers at Destiny Streetworx help by providing to those in need on the sreeets of Newcastle, who they call “street friends”. They provide them with food and clothing, as well other practical items.

They also spend time with those in need, by interacting and communicating with them. They also offer a spiritual interaction, which involves praying with those on the streets, however this is something that is only done when asked by the person in need.

The service is led by Joanne Foden, who set it up alongside her family as part of their church. The original idea was to allow homeless people to sleep inside of Watson House on Pilgrim Street on a Saturday night.

However, once that building was gone, Joanne and the other volunteers at Destiny Streetworx decided to dedicate their time to helping those in need on the streets of Newcastle.

The charity has on street volunteers who hand out hot drinks, clothing and food to those currently facing the cold winter on the streets. They also provide food and other necessities to those with pets.

The charity reiterates however, that their service is not only for homeless people, but to anyone who requires the service, despite their current living circumstances.

Joanne Foden of Destiny Streetworx

The charity is helped by people behind the scenes, such as members of the public and business owners who provide donations and other forms of support to Destiny Streetworx, ensuring that their work can continue.