From Gregg’s sausage roll to Brown Ale: How many of Newcastle’s iconic products the new United owners can buy

That’s A LOT of sausage rolls...

Some other things the PIF could do with its money... (Image: Getty Images)

It's been a mind-boggling week for Newcastle United fans.

Just seven days ago the Magpies faced a frustrating 2-1 defeat at the hands of Wolverhampton Wanderers and now there's talk of Kylian Mbappe arriving on Tyneside.

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Those Geordies dreaming of the French wonderkid may be doing so a little tongue-in-cheek, but the money that comes with the club's new owners indeed has fans thinking big.

The Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF), Reuben Brothers and PCP Capital Partners completed the takeover of Newcastle United at around 5pm on Thursday and the new owners arrive on Tyneside with loaded pockets.

The PIF has a net worth of £320 billion, according to The Sun, which is almost 14 times as much as Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour's £23 billion worth.

It's such a great number, it can be hard for many to wrap their heads around.

Newcastle World is on hand to provide some needed context into understanding that kind of wealth.

Here's how many of each iconic Geordie product the PIF owners could buy using all of their net worth.

Gregg's Sausage Roll

The Greggs sausage roll (Image: Getty Images)

A sausage roll at Gregg's in Newcastle costs £1 a pop, but you can get four of the crusty delights for £3.

The PIF owners might well be tempted by that multi-buy.

It means they could eat 426 billion sausage rolls with their wealth.

Newcastle Brown Ale

A Geordie classic (Image: Getty Images)

A bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale will normally set you back £1.39 at a supermarket.

Booze might not be the first calling point for the owners on Tyneside, but it’s a product all Geordies are familar wit.

The owners could, if they wanted to, buy 230 billion bottles of the stuff.

Treble Vodkas

Those who visit Newcastle for a night out are always shocked at the existance of treble vodka drinks.

It's not for everyone, and indeed might not be to the new owners taste.

If drinks were on them at the Dog and Parrot, for example, they could purchase 120 billion treble vodkas.

Metro Tickets

Passengers have faced disruption on the network.

It's hard to imagine the billionaires on public transport.

Then again, taking the Tyne and Wear Metro is somewhat of a rite of passage.

The PIF owners could buy 59 billion day tickets for all zones on the Metro - enough for everyone in Newcastle to get a ticket 220,000 times over.

A kebab on the Bigg Market

The Bigg Market in Newcastle (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

If the new owners are in need of a bit of post-match nourishment, they might go to the Bigg Market for a takeaway.

There they can purchase a kebab for £4.50.

If they were really hungry, they could actually buy 71 billion of them.