Fuel crisis in pictures: Petrol panic buying hits Newcastle and North Tyneside

People across the UK have been panic buying petrol and diesel as shortages of HGV drivers sees stations run dry - Liam Kennedy takes a look at what the situation looks like in Newcastle and North Tyneside.

The Shell Garage at Gosforth Park ran out of unleaded petrol on Saturday.

Petrol stations across the land have been closing their lanes and their pumps amid the UK’s latest fuel crisis.

This weekend panic buying has set in nationwide as a major disruption to fuel deliveries has seen stations go short.

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BP and Tesco have announced closures, while supermarkets such as Morrisons have also been hit.

What does the situation look like in Newcastle and North Tyneside, though?

Here’s some pictures highlighting petrol panic scenes from the North East.

Tesco at North Shields closed its petrol station this weekend amid fuel shortages.

Towards the coast, the petrol station at North Shields was shut to commuters, while queues stretched out into the supermarket car park and main road in Tynemouth at Morrisons.

Queues stretched out from the petrol station at Morrisons Tynemouth on Saturday.

The usually very busy Benton Asda unmanned station cut like a ghost town on Saturday afternoon, with drivers being turned away by barriers across the lands.

The petrol station at Benton Asda in North Tyneside was closed to drivers.

A few miles away at the Killingworth Centre, the Morrisons petrol station was closed but an fuel lorry was filling up depleted stocks at around midday.

Morrisons in Killingworth was getting restocked at around 2pm on Saturday afternoon.

Things weren’t so positive elsewhere, though, as the Shell Garage next to Gosforth Park, just off Sandy Lane, was open, but without unleaded E10 petrol.

The Shell Garage off Sandy Lane ran out of unleaded fuel.
The Shell Garage at Gosforth Park ran out of unleaded petrol on Saturday.