Here’s how many people in Newcastle have signed a petition designed to Limit the Sale and Use of Fireworks to Licensed Displays Only

Over 301,000 signatures are on the petition, including almost 5,000 from Newcastle and the surrounding area

A petition to limit the sale and use of fireworks to licensed displays only has received over 301,000 signatures, including 4,927 from in and around Newcastle.

The petition said: “Current legislation allows for public use of fireworks 16 hours a day, every day, making it impossible for vulnerable groups to take precautions against the distress they can cause.

“Better enforcement of existing law is insufficient; limiting their sale & use to licensed displays only is necessary.”

The petition called on the UK Government to restrict the sales of fireworks to only organisers and licensed displays.

This, the organisers of the petition, say, will help to “protect vulnerable people and animals from the distress and anxiety caused by unexpected firework noise and pollution.

“Legislation that balances people’s desires for firework displays, and individual rights to not be distressed throughout the year, is needed now.”

The petition closed on 21 January 2021 and was debated in Parliament yesterday.

For a breakdown of the signatures in constituencies in and around Newcastle, see below.

South Shields 628

Jarrow 647

Gateshead 486

Blaydon 592

Newcastle upon Tyne North 585

Newcastle upon Tyne Central 315

Newcastle upon Tyne East 472

North Tyneside 574

Tynemouth 628