Holly Humberstone steals Geordie hearts ahead of mammoth Sam Fender support slot at St. James’ Park

Holly Humberstone will be part of two historic nights on Tyneside next year, and showed she’s worth all the hype at NX Newcastle.

Holly Humberstone cuts a bashful figure on stage at NX Newcastle, shows this size have somewhat come out of nowhere for her after a stratospheric post-lockdown rise. The star seems to play her headline set in disbelief, but she's a songstress ready for the very biggest of stages - and that will come when she supports Sam Fender at St. James' Park next June.

From the opening murmurs of 'The Walls Are Way Too Thin', Humberstone's dreamy tones fill the newly-converted venue with ease. Backed by a live band, the tracks that fans have streamed over and over for the last 24 months are gifted a beefier sound perfect for a live show.

With such a strong discography, it's hard to believe that the singer is still yet to release her first full album - although, she teases NX Newcastle, she's written one that's just about ready to show to the world.

Particular highlights on Sunday night's stop on the UK tour come in ponderous heartbreak flick 'Friendly Fire' and 'Haunted House', an ode to her delipidated old family home her parents had to move out from.

Humberstone isn't from the North East, rather a small village outside of Nottingham, but finds common ground with Newcastle followers on a feeling of being an underdog. After a quick tale of nights out on the Toon with pals at university on Tyneside, she introduces 'London is Lonely' with an anecdote of hating the big smoke after moving there - "yeah, we hate London too," one Geordie murmurs in the crowd.

It's more than likely many of those at NX Newcastle on Sunday evening will also be amongst the 100,000 music lovers turning up to see Sam Fender at St. James' Park next June. Humberstone is the support act for those shows, something she is quick to remind fans.

Holly Humberstone plays at NX Newcastle

Whilst the star's sound is different to that of the North Shields rocker, similarities between the two can be drawn. Humberstone's candid lyrics are effortlessly endearing and there's no desire to cover the awkward giggles and grins that come between tracks.

The night finishes on hit 'Scarlett', met with a wall of sound from Geordie fans. That'll sound phenomenal at the cathedral on the hill, Fender fans have every reason to be excited about seeing Holly Humberstone again soon.