‘Hybrid working is the way forward’ as Government urges workers to return to old routine

The Government is urging workers to return to their workplaces - but this expert believes ‘hybrid’ is best.

The government is adamant that people return to the workplace, regardless of what this means for people’s health. Phil Cambers from TruStack joins us to discuss hybrid working and why this could be the way forward.

TruStack is an IT company based in the North East specialising in cloud and hosting, security solutions and IT managed services.

The team at TruStack were helping businesses adapt to hybrid working, a mix of being in the office and working from home, before the pandemic. But their workload soon grew as most of us were told to work from home in March 2020.

In some cases, working from home has resulted in increased productivity and improved mental health. Workers have been free of long, expensive commutes, and in many cases have been able to spend more time with their loved ones.

However, reduced footfall in town and city centres means that some businesses are struggling post lockdown. Office landlords are also facing reduced income if businesses opt to work from home and choose not to renew leases.

Now the government is adamant that people return to the office.

Having worked with businesses in Newcastle and across the North East to adapt to a more hybrid or agile way of working, Phil noted that everyone is different, and where some people, such as new starters, have a lot to gain from the office environment, there are those who have seen huge benefits when working from home, without having a negative impact on their productivity.

Weeks ago, the government was considering giving workers the right to request flexible or hybrid working, but this is now looking a lot less likely as the government makes a push for people to stop working from home. The Prime Minister has said workers should return to the office, and came to the conclusion that those who don’t face being gossiped about.