Metro users will soon be able to use their phones across the whole network including the tunnels under Newcastle

Soon there will be no more black spots for 4G and 5G.

Nexus has announced metro users will soon have 4G or 5G connection across the whole Metro network.

Currently, there is no signal in Metro tunnels beneath Gateshead and central Newcastle and connections are poor near the coast.

EE offered connectivity in the tunnels since in 2019, however the pandemic held up deals with other mobile networks.

Huw Lewis, Customer Services Director, said: “We want customers to enjoy unbroken 4G and 5G connectivity on smart phones as they travel around the region, whether that is while getting to a station, waiting on the platform, or travelling on trains.”

The service had initially planned to install Wi-Fi but research has found very few customers would connect and most prefer using their own data.

Lewis continued: “On train Wi-Fi is expensive to prove and maintain, and itself relies on local masts for connectivity, and we now feel it offers little benefit to customers compared to the high cost of building then maintaining a bespoke system.”