These are some of the airport’s ‘Top Pick’ travel destinationsThese are some of the airport’s ‘Top Pick’ travel destinations
These are some of the airport’s ‘Top Pick’ travel destinations

Newcastle Airport: 9 ‘top pick’ summer holiday destinations for 2023 - and why you should visit

As the cold bites in Newcastle and across the North East, Geordies will be starting to think of their sun-soaked holidays this summer.

In a week when Geordies have battled Blue Monday, many will be thinking positive thoughts and letting their minds drift to summer holidays away from the North East - and that usually starts at Newcastle Airport.

The airport enjoyed a successful 2022 as travel made a bounce back from the pandemic, with the site avoiding the extent of travel chaos and delays seen at other aviation hubs.

On average, 98% of passengers pass through security at Newcastle Airport in less than six minutes, one of the quickest times in the country.

Just a short trip on the Metro away, starting summer holidays from Newcastle Airport can save North East families time and money over travelling to larger airports in London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Some holidaymakers in the region will already have big plans for their summer holidays in 2023, but others might be wanting some inspiration before booking those flights.

NewcastleWorld dives into the 'Top Picks' filter on Newcastle Airport's website to bring you nine of their best choices for trips abroad this year.