Newcastle fans share their pre-match thoughts before Sunday clash with Tottenham Hotspur

Takeover fervour gripped St. James’ Park before the match on Sunday.

Newcastle United fans arrived at St. James' Park hours ahead of kick-off on Sunday to celebrate the recent takeover of the club.

The Magpies currently face Tottenham Hotspur in their first fixture since The Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, Reuben Brothers and PCP Capital Partners took over the club from Mike Ashley.

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Despite the ongoing debate surrounding the human rights issues in Saudi Arabia, Newcastle fans were in a jovial mood outside the centre on Sunday afternoon. were around the ground chatting to fans about the takeover, predictions for the game and what the future looks like.

Steve Hastie, volunteer with NUFC Fans Food Bank:

"The atmosphere here is absolutely fantastic. The generosity of the Geordies today has surpassed everything. What a day!

"We are absolutely overjoyed and I cannot believe what we are witnessing today.

"The euphoria, the excitement and buzz that's been in the city. These guys behind me have not stopped signing for two and half hours, that what it's all about.

"People have been saying, the result doesn't matter, Newcastle are back on the up. This is the start of something special and it's a journey."

Lee and Billy from Wallsend:

"We're absolutely buzzing. I can't wait to see a decent manager come in and the club progressing.

"I cannot remember the last time St. James' Park was like this. It's unbelievable.

"I want to see everything change with the infrastructure of the club. We are still gobsmacked about it now."

Mark and Barry from Newcastle:

"I feel brilliant. I hope it goes well for Amanda and the crew, we just want a better football club.

"It's been a long time since I've seen St. James Park like this, probably since the Fairs Cup.

"We have to make sure we buy some players in the January transfer window and turn up for the rest of the season.

Tom, Corrie, Woody from Darlington:

"It's madness, we're buzzing. Let's sign Mbappe, sign Messi...

"I want to see Newcastle play in Europe.

"My message to fans around the world would be, see ya in a bit, we're the best team in the world, we've got the most money, see ya later."

Ryan from Wallsend:

"We need to wait until the transfer window to get quality players in.

"For now, we're living in paradise.

"I thought they'd keep Steve Bruce for Spurs, but they will kick him out for Palace. He hasn't done good for us."