Newcastle Love Island star Jazmine struggles for screen time but does start crisps-gate

Dami asked Jazmine what her favourite flavour crisps are and the internet did not like the answer

Newcastle Love Island star Jazmine Nichol has struggled for screen time since entering the villa over the weekend but did manage to spark a social media debate on Monday night.

The 21-year-old is part of the new posse of girls sent in to cause drama as the original cast was split for the infamous Casa Amor segment of the show.

Jazmine and five others waltzed in the villa over the weekend and have set about trying to turn the heads of boys already coupled up.

Taking a less direct approach to other girls Summer, Coco and Chyna, Geordie viewers have been disappointed with little chance to see Jazmine on the show.

Despite screen time being hard to come by, the nightclub manager did cause a social media meltdown on Monday night when asked by Dami what her favourite type of crisps are.

Jazmine replied saying she had a penchant for paprika Lay's.

Jazmine has struggled for screen time so far (Image: ITV)

Lay's is of course the brand name used in the U.S. and across Europe, whereas Walker's is used in the UK.

It prompted viewers to take to Twitter and question where the Geordie girl had been buying her crisps and even narrator Iain Stirling had a pop at the response.

One viewer wrote: "Do we even sell lays in this country? It’s walkers love #LoveIsland."

Another added: "Not lays ? bro it’s walkers… she had a bag of lays in Palma airport #LoveIsland."

Other witty viewers wrote "Paprika Lays? Someone has done a summer in Magaluf #Loveisland" and "Paprika lays being her favourite flavour of crisps?? Definitely went to Spain and had them once".