Newcastle pollen levels: Tips as ‘super pollen’ bloom hits region affecting sufferers

Pollen levels are high and sufferes have worse days ahead

Red eyes and blocked noses are aplenty across Newcastle and Tyneside at the moment as pollen levels in the region hit lofty highs.

A 'super pollen' bloom is set to hit the UK this week, and that includes the North East.

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The 'super pollen' is also being coined as a 'pollen bomb' by experts.

It's come about as grass releases high pollen levels and the hot air of an imminent heatwave is making it extra potent.

Pollen forecasters A.Vogel are predicting pollen counts to be very high in Newcastle every day from Tuesday, June 14 to Saturday, June 18.

Pollen from trees is at a low/moderate level every day with those from weeds at a moderate/high level.

Grass pollen will be at a very high level for the whole week.

Why is my hayfever so bad this year?

Met Office Relationship Manager for Health and Air Quality, Yolanda Clewlow told the Weather Snap podcast: “In terms of the numbers of pollen grains in the air, what we’re seeing isn’t especially noteworthy compared to what we’ve had in previous years.

“However, the potency of these pollen grains could be more intense this year, and that comes down to the weather we’ve had in spring.

“A warm and wet May, coupled with a relatively warm spring, means there’s a chance that the pollen that has developed is particularly potent, even if the amounts aren’t dramatically different.”

Hayfever sufferers in Newcastle and on Tyneside have a tricky week ahead (Image: Adobe Stock)

Should I be worried by 'thunder fever'?

Once you've got your head around 'super pollen' and a 'pollen bomb', there's something called 'thunder fever'.

Hayfever sufferers are being warned that things may get worse before they get better, given the high temperatures on their way to the North East this weekend.

Those look set to combine with thunderstorms, which creates 'thunder fever'.

The high winds that come with thunder help pick up and disperse the bountiful pollen that blooms in hot temperatures.

What can I do to fight hayfever symptoms?

There are a number of ways to fight hayfever and the best tactic can often depend on the person.

These can include putting vaseline around your nostrils to trap pollen, using silk pillowcases, regular showers and investing in pollen filters.

You can check out more information on hayfever symptoms and calming methods on NationalWorld here.