North East is the hardest place to get a taxi in the UK, new research reveals

New research from The Taxi Centre showed that the North East is one of the hardest places to hail a taxi in the whole of the UK

The North East is the hardest place to hail a taxi, with the North East holding the highest ratio of people to taxi, new research has shown.

Through analysing independent taxi services throughout the region, research from The Taxi Service has concluded that the North East is the toughest place in the UK to grab a cab.

The new research analysed 89 different counties across the country and found that the North East had 3,622 people per cab company.

The high ratios showed a lack of taxi companies to service the population figures currently ranked in the North East.

An average of 625 taxi services were listed by the independent study, with population figures divided by the number of services available to present an average ratio for each county.

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Best on the list was Wales, with 1,480 people per taxi, while the North West was listed as the third-worst in the country with 3,598 people per taxi.

A spokesperson for The Taxi Centre said: “With the current shortages of cab drivers in the UK, journey delays and price hikes are becoming more commonplace across the entire country.

“But as our research shows, it’s not the major metropolitan areas that are impacted most from this shortfall.

“There’s certainly opportunities to be had in these less busy areas for taxi services to carve out a niche and turn a potential profit.”