Northumberland homes remain without power EIGHT days on from Storm Arwen

Last weekend Storm Arwen had a devastating impact on the North East - with homes in Northumberland hit particularly badly.

Homes across Northumberland remain without power EIGHT days on from Storm Arwen, which swept 90mph winds through the region.

And as a result, a major incident has now been declared in county.

Northumberland County Council called a major incident due to ongoing concerns for those communities in the county worst affected.

Residents across the county remain without power and water after last weekend’s devastating storm.

What was Storm Arwen?

Storm Arwen brought rain and gale force winds of up to 90mph to Northumberland and other areas, stretching up to North East Scotland, affecting power lines, leaving 3,827 still without power seven days on.

The storm had a major impact on the infrastructure of the North East, with roads blocked, transport links blocked and homes damaged.

What are the council saying about the issue?

Daljit Lally, Chief Executive for Northumberland County Council, said: “We are extremely concerned for those residents in our communities who continue to be without power and in some cases water as well.

“Whilst all agencies have and continue to work together to assist those affected in our communities and are doing all they can, we need more support. The damage caused to some power lines is devastating and we do not know how long this will continue for.

“The welfare of our residents is our utmost priority.”

Glen Sanderson, Leader of Northumberland County Council, said: “Our staff and all our partners have worked non-stop over the past week and I want to thank them as well as all our communities and volunteers for their brilliant efforts.

“This was an unprecedented storm and I have seen first hand and with great sadness the destruction the wind has caused to many parts of our beautiful county.

“We know there is some way to go but the council is doing everything it can to support our residents.”

Scott Dickinson, Leader of the Opposition, added: “I fully support the actions being taken to ensure that all agencies that need additional support get it, as well the thousands of residents left in dire need.

“We must recognise the efforts of communities, the Council, and other organisations but now also ask for and accept additional support.”

What happens next?

Details of what additional support will be available are set to be discussed this afternoon.

A multi-agency emergency response has been ongoing since Friday 26 November.