Northumbria Police thwart child kidnap attempt with father jailed after Eurotunnel plot

The dangerous dad used a tracker and a disguise to snatch his son of his ex.

A dangerous dad who attempted to kidnap his son and make for the Eurotunnel on Christmas Eve last year has been put behind bars.

The man, who cannot be named to protect the child, planted a tracking device on his ex's car in order to trace her movements.

He bought a disguise, changed his licence plates and carried out dummy runs to ensure his twisted plan succeeded.

On Christmas Eve, he used the tracker to follow his ex to a shopping centre and blocked her vehicle with his own before snatching the six-year-old and bundling him in the car.

The boy’s distraught mother immediately raised the alarm and officers from Northumbria Police launched an investigation alongside North Yorkshire Police. The man’s vehicle was soon intercepted on the A1 making its way south. When the car was searched officers found a one-way ticket for the Eurotunnel.

The boy was then reunited with his mother, and the dad was arrested.

The man had a one-way ticket for the Eurotunnel (Image: Getty Images)

Despite the evidence against him, the man failed to acknowledge his guilt and stood trial. Last month a jury convicted him of kidnapping the child, as well as finding him guilty of common assault against his ex.

On Wednesday, September 28 the man was jailed for six years with an extended licence period of a further three years.

Speaking after the trial, Detective Constable Garry Cousins of Northumbria Police said: “This was a shocking case which saw the father of a six-year-old boy act in such a selfish, audacious and devious manner.

“Instead of allowing his child to enjoy Christmas with his mother, he hatched a detailed and disturbing plot to kidnap him right from under her nose, and take him abroad on what is possibly the most exciting day of the year for a child - all over his anger with the family court system.

“Not only did he put his child in danger by taking the law into his own hands, he breached the trust and privacy of his ex by placing a device on her car, tailing and tracking her movements and this is absolutely abhorrent and bordering on mental abuse.

“I have no doubt that this incident will stay with both mother and child for a long time, I want our communities to know that as a Force we find the actions carried out that day completely unacceptable and will always ensure vulnerable victims are at the heart of everything we do, and justice is secured on their behalf.

“I am pleased the jury were able to see through the lies and excuses offered up, and am pleased this man, who poses a significant risk to his family, is now behind bars. Those who do not respect the jurisdiction and authorities of our court systems, including the family courts, have no place in our communities.”