ITV’s Loose Women: Denise Welch and Jane Moore clash in heated debate over claims William attacked Harry

Denise Welch and Jane Moore got into a heated debate over Prince Harry on Loose Women

Denise Welch and Jane Moore divided viewers of ITV’sLoose Women after getting into a very heated debate over the bombshell claims in Prince Harry’s new book.

Denise, 64, from Tynemouth, and Jane, 60, from London, led the panel including Charlene White and Linda Robinson in a discussion about Prince Harry following his claims that Prince William ‘attacked’ him during a row over his marriage to Meghan Markle.

Denise admitted that she was surprised Jane doesn’t support Prince Harry and Meghan, despite having had the experience of going on royal tours with Princess Diana.

Denise Welch attends the UK premiere (Getty)

Denise said: "You went on many royal visits with her [Princess Diana] so I’m always quite surprised that you’re not more understanding."

Tensions began to rise as Jane quipped: “Diana was a very tough cookie."

Denise continued to back Prince Harry’s decision to speak openly and said: “Why shouldn’t Harry say his peace, Jane?

“I think he’s had to move away from the Royal Family. They’ve also done it behind his back."

Jane interrupted Denise, saying: "Because he’s using it for money."

A clearly annoyed Denise replied: "Don’t interrupt me, You’ve talked to me about interrupting, so I’m saying now. The fact is the Royal Family make quite a bit of money for themselves, Jane."

The live audience erupted with cheers and clapping in agreement with Denise.

Viewers took to social media to express their thoughts. One wrote: “Very well said Denise!”

Another commented: “YES Denise and love that the audience all agree.”

Jane Moore announced she was separating from husband Gary Farrow live on Loose Women (Photo: Getty Images)

A third added: “Well said Denise. I agree with you. Love the audience cheering what you say! They agree too!”

A fourth wrote: “Yes Denise finally someone with sense on the panel! Everything u said was spot on and I like u even more now”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shared stories of royal life in a $100 million Netflix series and the Prince is set to release a tell all book next week.

Leaked extracts from the book have been the topic of conversation across all the daytime TV shows.