Self-driving research project prepped for ‘cutting-edge’ Alnwick study

Self-driving cars are set to be tested in Alnwick, with attendees able to take a spin, ask questions and take a closer look at the potential future of transport

Residents of Alnwick could be in for a motorised treat with a new research project tasked with making self-driving cars preparing in the area.

The potential “cutting-edge” self-driving vehicles will be displayed between June 19 and 20 in Alnwick, with residents having the chance to take a ride on the new technology.

A joint development between the Department for Transport and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy unit, led by Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) are to host the event.

The Great Self Driving Exploration will offer two days of self-driving vehicles, which hopes to create, greener, reliable and safer driving.

Self-driving cars have been tested in several other countries so far, and Alnwick will mark one of the first rural areas in the UK to be tested

Attendees can take a ride in the self-driving cars as well as ask questions and take a closer look at the latest phase of car technology.

The event will mark the first time the self-driving cars have been tested in rural communities, with the hopes of getting better connected with the needs of those living in the countryside.

Transport minister Trudy Harrison said: “Self-driving technology has the potential to reform the way we get from A to B, making our future journeys easier, more environmentally friendly and, crucially, safer.

“I hope these demonstrations provide an opportunity for the public to learn more about the technology and experience the cutting edge innovation first hand.”

Lucy Farrow, Associate Partner at BritainThinks, said: “The Britain Thinks team are delighted to be delivering this innovative research project in partnership with CCAV, UCL and Aurrigo.

“It offers a unique opportunity to understand not just what people think of self-driving vehicles as they are now, and also their hopes and expectations for the future.

“This will provide crucial insight to government and industry to support the development of self-driving technology that benefits everyone across the UK.”