Stalker who put victim through two-year ordeal to be sentenced again

Police have reaffirmed their commitment to victims

A relentless stalker in Newcastle who put his victim through a two-year ordeal of constant messages and intimidating behaviour, is due to be sentenced for the second time. Kyriakos Loizou moved from Cyprus to Newcastle in 2019 to begin University, where he soon met the victim, and began to bombard her with sinister messages and even turned up at her place at work.

Loizou repeatedly ignored the victim’s requests to be left alone, and even created new social media accounts under false names after being blocked by the victim. In an encounter with the victim’s father, Loziou was further warned to leave the victim alone, however he later sent messages to her, where he said: “this is now how I wanted to meet your father for the first time.”

The victim bravely told university staff what was happening and a warning was issued to Loizou, which he ignored. The police were then informed. Officers carried out enquiries to locate him and after he was found in a spot he would frequent to try and see his victim, he was taken into custody.

Loizou was released on bail, but re-arrested after sending a long voice message to a group chat the victim was a member of. The details of the voice message included threats of legal action to the victim, if she refused to drop the charges against him. Loizou was remanded in custody and later pleaded guilty to witness intimidation at Newcastle Magistrates Court on January 11. He was sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment and given a two-year restraining order.

Kyriakos Loizou
Kyriakos Loizou
Kyriakos Loizou

A month after his release, he approached the victim near her home and was arrested again. Loizou appeared back at court where he admitted Stalking Involving Fear of Serious Alarm or Distress. He is due to be sentenced later this year.

During court, the victim’s impact statement was read out, detailing how the horrific two-year ordeal affected her health. It read:  “I have had strong feelings of depression which has had a significant impact on my life overall. Strong feelings of low moods and anxiousness have had a detrimental impact on my ability to focus on my studies, work life and personal life. One year ago, it became clear that the stalking was going to persist and as a result extended my feelings of depression.

“Sleep has also become very difficult as I struggle to relax enough to go to sleep and on multiple occasions have experienced vivid nightmares in which involve my stalker.”

PC David Bowley, the officer in charge of the case reaffirmed the police commitment towards protecting vulnerable victims.  He said: “Loizou subjected his victim to an horrific ordeal causing her mental and physical health to suffer because of his persistent, obstinate and obsessive actions.

“I am pleased he has admitted his guilt before the court, and await his sentencing. Our criminal justice system takes offences like stalking seriously, and sees the threat people like Loizou pose to their victims.

“No one should ever have to go through something like this, and I would like to commend the bravery and courage shown by the victim throughout these proceedings, and during what was an incredibly distressing time. I hope today’s sentencing can bring her some closure as she now begins a new chapter of her life.

“As a Force we will do all we can to support victims of stalking and harassment and bring perpetrators to justice. With the support of our partners in the criminal justice system, we will continue to put offenders before the courts, support victims and tackle this type of abhorrent criminality.”