When is the Metro running at Christmas and New Year? Festive schedule details announced by Nexus

Travellers will need to be aware of the latest information.

Metro timetables across Christmas and New Year have been announced.
Metro timetables across Christmas and New Year have been announced.

Nexus have announced the Tyne and Wear Metro timetables for the upcoming Christmas and New Year period.

The service changes are set to begin on Christmas Eve and, although the majority of days will see regular weekday service, some exceptions will be in place up to 4 January.

Anyone looking for times for a specific station can do so by visiting Nexus’ website with live updates also being available on the Metro’s Twitter account.

Christmas Eve will see a full weekday service continue until around 6:00pm – with times varying between stations – before an hourly service throughout the system with the excepetion of the Pelaw to South Gosforth stretch of track, which will see a new train every 30 minutes until the end of the day for those looking to pick up some last minute Christmas shopping.

Following Christmas Day, when there will be no service whatsoever throughout the network, 26 December sees services resume on a Sunday timetable throughout most of the network between around 8:00am and 8:00pm depending on the station in question.

The biggest exception to the Boxing Day service comes between Pelaw and South Hylton, where no trains will be running due to National Rail work.

Regular service is set to resume across the network on 27 December, although no additional trains will be running at peak times. The same service is expected on 28 December will full service and additional peak trains starting again until New Year’s Eve.

As many people across the region try and get the best views of fireworks and spots at events celebrating 2022, the Metro system will be available until around 10:00pm, depending on the station. Similarly to Christmas Eve, services will then run every 30 minutes across the system except between Pelaw and South Gosforth, where trains will be available every 15 minutes.

New Year’s Day will see no trains across the system before Sunday service returns on 2 January with no restrictions.

The end of the period of changes will come on 3 January, when all regular services will be resumed.