Tyneside families urged to ditch cars in eco-minded school run campaign

The average school commute releases enough emissions to inflate 60 balloons

<p>South Tyneside Council received backing for the campaign (Image: Shutterstock)</p>

South Tyneside Council received backing for the campaign (Image: Shutterstock)

South Tyneside Council is encouraging families to ditch the car and take more active options to travel to and from school.

The council has launched a series of Give Yourself a Life videos which urge more young people to walk, cycle or take the bus to school.

The campaign has been financially backed by the central government and features four videos of children having to find alternative ways to get to school when their mother's car fails to start.

The clips are set to be promoted in schools to highlight the benefits that sustainable travel has on young people.

Councillor Adam Ellison, Lead Member for Children, Young People and Families, said: “Almost one-quarter of peak-time traffic is made up of cars on the school run.

“While I understand many parents think they are doing the right thing, children are actually far more likely to be involved in an accident when in a car than when walking.”

The clips also emphasise the air pollution caused by the school run, with the average drive to school and back releasing 800g of CO2 – enough to inflate more than 60 balloons.

Councillor Ellison added: “Walking, cycling or getting the bus is not only good for our young people, it is also kinder for the planet.

“Supporting families is one of our priorities and we believe these videos will help parents make informed choices about the way their children get to and from school.”