Watch: The North East Ambulance Service urges people to stay safe over the festive period

The North East Ambulance Service is urging people to take caution over the festive period as they move into their busiest period

The time between Christmas and New Year is especially busy for the ambulance service as they respond to an extra amount of calls on top of other emergencies.

The ambulance service has already been experiencing New Years Day levels of demand over the past six months and now the threat of Omicron puts more pressure on the service.

Mathew said that this demand will continue to grow as we move into the festive period.

The ambulance service has also asked people to think before they pick up the phone and dial 999 and have said there are other avenues people can take unless it is a medical emergency.

The service has also asked that people ensure they have a sufficient supply of any medication they might need as well as plasters and indigestion medication that can be purchased from your local pharmacy .

Mathew had a final message for everyone in the region.