WATCH: Your latest weather forecast on Monday, November 22

Your latest weather forecast on Monday, November 22.

Well the temperatures have dropped and it’s certainly feeling a lot like winter. We are likely to be seeing plenty of winter sunshine in midweek though, with temperatures ranging from 8 to 10 degrees.

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 Heading into midweek and the temperature is expected to drop even further in Northumberland down to a chilly 6 degrees and we are likely to lose that winter sun as it heads back behind the clouds. It is expected to remain dry for most of us except perhaps for Northumberland .

 Looking at the five day forecast then, and we do expect things to start out dry and cold. Temperatures are likely to range between 7 and 9 degrees across the region, with the chance of rain increasing as we head towards the weekend, with patchy rain expected on Thursday, and again on Saturday.