A dry and mild end to the week in Newcastle as Met Office forecasts chillier winter temperatures

Temperatures across Newcastle will remain largely mild for the rest of the week, though they are expected to slowly plummet towards chillier levels as winter approaches.

Newcastle will have a middling end to the week as periods of dry and cloudy conditions have been forecast, with brief patches of rainfall and feel-like temperatures that will get gradually colder.

The Met Office are expecting autumnal sunshine to grace Tyneside towards the end of the week, but the weather will be wetter and more miserable further south.

Newcastle Upon Tyne weather forecast

Today and Tonight

A bright yet mild start to the day with plenty of sunny spells, staying dry for most of the afternoon as sunshine persists across most of the city.

Brief rainy spells in the far south, with maximum temperatures of 12℃.

The night will be increasingly chilly with coastal gales as well as scattered showers moving south with lows of 3℃.


Mostly cold and dry conditions throughout the day, with brief moments of coastal gales and scattered showers that will hit the east.

There will be long spells of autumnal sunshine with maximum temperatures of 11℃.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday

Friday will be bright and breezy, with brief spells of coastal gales and scattered patches of rain which will ease.

Saturday will be largely dry and bright, though conditions will grow increasingly windy with milder temperatures and overnight rainfall. Sunshine and showers for Sunday.