Bank Holiday weather: What is the Met Office predicting in Newcastle for the day of The Queen's funeral?

The nation is preparing for a three day weekend in memory of Queen Elizabeth II.

The UK is currently preparing for a three day weekend to honour Queen Elizabeth II, who died last week and whose life will be celebrated during her funeral on Monday, September 19. The day of the funeral has been marked as a national Bank Holiday.

What will the weather be on the weekend of The Queen’s funeral in Newcastle?

The Met Office is expecting a dry period throughout the three day weekend in Newcastle, albeit with temperatures lower than most would be hoping for.

Bank Holiday weather: What is the Met Office predicting in Newcastle for the day of The Queen's funeral? (Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

Saturday, September 17 will start dry with pockets of sunshine pushing through a predominantly overcast sky with temperatures not expected to reach anything above 15°C. Any sunny periods are likely to subside by middy leaving clouds for the remainder of the day with temperatures falling to 10°C overnight.

Sunday will see much of the same with fewer sunny spells possible throughout the day and highs of 14°C.


What will the weather be in Newcastle on the day of The Queen’s funeral?

Following two days of grey, cloudy weather more is set to continue on Monday, September 19. After a period of cloud throughout the night, these conditions will step aside for sunny conditions from around 10am which will last throughout the morning.

At 11am, when the funeral is set to begin, these sunny skies are expected fade away with cloudy weather moving across the North East at around 1pm before the rest of the day continues with grey skies. There is a chance of sunny spells at around 4pm, but clouds will remain prominent.

Temperatures will remain colder than what we have seen so far in September with highs of 14°C through the afternoon and the Met Office predicting this will only feel like 12°C to 13°C and will peak at around 1pm to 2pm. Wind speeds on Monday will also fall from around 20-25 miles per hour on Saturday and Sunday to 11-12 miles per hour on the day of the funeral.

This weather is expected to be matched across the majority of England, including London where the funeral will take place, although temperatures will be slightly higher in the capital.