Great North Run weather: What conditions is the Met Office predicting across the weekend for the event?

What is the forecast across Newcastle and South Shields for the big day?

There is just a matter of days until one of the region’s largest annual events gets underway, but with thousands of spectators and runners taking to the streets this weekend, will the weather be playing its part for the Great North Run?

The day before the run will see potentially heavy rain throughout the morning before drier weather develops into the afternoon and evening, although clouds may prevent rainfall from earlier in the day being evaporated, meaning there is a good chance Sunday’s race will start with wet roads.

What will the weather be for the 2022 Great North Run?

Great North Run weather: What conditions is the Met Office predicting for this weekend's action? (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

Luckily for those participating in the half marathon, no rain is expected overnight, leaving dry roads throughout the route.

Sunday morning will see a predominantly cloudy sky with occasional clear spells between 7am and 10am. Clouds will remain throughout the day with no rain expected in Newcastle.

This trend is expected to continue in South Shields where the race will come to an end. Throughout the afternoon clouds will remain although no rain is expected whatsoever.

Temperatures are expected to start at 13°C to 14°C in the early morning before rising to a high of 19°C at 1pm and these levels will continue into the night.

Wind speeds are expected to remain low with speeds of between nine and 12 miles per hour expected, but gusts predominantly moving from east to west could impact runners, although it will also make air temperatures feel closer to 14°C to 15°C throughout the morning and up to 17°C in the afternoon.

High levels of humidity in the morning are expected to fall as the day goes on with levels peaking at 91% as the start area opens in Newcastle and dropping to 70% from midday. This lower range is expected to continue throughout the afternoon.

Luckily for runners and spectators alike, the Met Office is predicting low levels of UV light with the exception of the early afternoon. These levels will share a trend with the temperature throughout the day with levels which will peak at around 1pm before falling again as the afternoon goes on.