Met Office UK snow forecast - Newcastle temperatures set to drop with frost on the way

Experts say there is snow on the way, but will it hit Newcastle?

Parts of the UK are expected to get snow by the end of this month, but whether it will arrive in Newcastle by then remains uncertain.

Some experts say it is likely that Newcastle could see some snow between November 17 and 22.

Newcastle Weather Forecast


Cloudy weather and some sporadic showers across the southeast areas tonight. There will be prolonged clear and dry spells throughout the night results in patches of frost. Temperatures set to drop as low as 2°C.


Mostly dry with some sunny spells peaking through as the winds begin to pick up.

Outbreaks of rain are expected to spread from the northwest in the late afternoon.

The temperatures will be mild and hit a max temperature of 11°C.

Wednesday to Friday

Chilly temperatures and some gentle winds will be accompanied by sunny spells and showers throughout the rest of the week.

Winds are expected to pick up on Thursday and Friday. There will be the odd bit of rain across hilly areas.

UK-wide long range Weather forecast 20th - 29th November

The start of this period is set to be cloudy and grizzly for most Northern areas. Spells of rain and wind are expected to affect northern areas.

Later in the period the temperature is expected to drop further with risk of wintry showers in northern areas. Other parts are likely to have close to or average temperatures for this time of year.

Frost and fog are expected to hit under high pressure during the nights of this period. Any fog is set to clear by most mornings.

UK-wide long range Weather forecast 30th November - 14th December

The weather during this period is set to be the same as late November. The south and southwest can again expect settled weather and some frost throughout the nights.

The weather will be more unsettled in northern areas, with the spells of rain, strong winds and some potential sunny spells.

Temperatures across the whole of the UK are set to be average before plummeting for short periods of time. There is a risk of snow and ice in northern areas of the UK.

(Source: Met Office)