New Year weather forecast: Met Office expecting mild end to 2021 in Newcastle

Met Office forecasters have revealed what the weather has in store for Newcastle on New Year’s Eve – and it’s looking like a mild one.

Newcastle is set for a warm end to the year.
Newcastle is set for a warm end to the year.
Newcastle is set for a warm end to the year.

The Met Office believe that they can accurately forecast the weather in a specific location from five days beforehand, so let’s take a look at what we can expect in Newcastle on New Year’s Eve.

Those looking to head out and celebrate are in luck, with the Met Office expecting any rain throughout the working week set to subside by the early hours of Friday, December 31.

New Year’s Eve itself is set to remain dry but cloudy, with temperatures reaching 12C throughout the day.

The clouds will mean the rapid drop in temperature we usually see at this time of year will subside and midnight is likely to only see the mercury drop to 10C.

Any wind is also set to lose intensity throughout New Year’s Eve evening, with westerly winds set to fall from 15mph throughout the day to just above 9mph as the clocks strike midnight.

As Friday turns to Saturday (January 1), very little is set to change with 2022 expecting to start at a balmy 11C with highs of 13C into the afternoon.

The wind is set to pick up a little, but only to 17mph.

The dry weather is set to continue into the rest of the first weekend of the year, although the Met Office predicts that temperatures will drop to around 10C to round off the bank holiday.