Newcastle weather for Platinum Jubilee weekend 2022: what is the Met Office forecast for the long weekend?

The Platinum Jubilee is just around the corner

With the Jubilee just around the corner, many will be looking forward to the long weekend to spend with friends and family.

Traditionally, the Jubilee celebrations are often commemorated with street parties and outdoor events due to the nice weather that usually surrounds the weekend.

However, as we know, the weather doesn’t always take our plans into account. So, what will the weather look like for the Jubilee weekend?

Here’s our breakdown of the latest weather updates from the Met Office.

Fifers across the Kingdom will be celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in style. Pic: Pixabay.

When is the Platinum Jubilee?

People will be given an extra two days off work this year to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.

The bank holiday dates are Thursday 2 June and Friday 3 June, giving some a four day long weekend.

What is the weather forecast for the Jubilee weekend in Newcastle?

Friday 3 June

Friday will be mainly cloudy with some sun peaking through as the day progresses.

Temperatures are forecast to hit highs of 16°C, and the evening will see lows of 9°C.

Saturday 4 June

Saturday will be mostly sunny and dry. Temperatures will hit highs of 14°C.

Cloud coverage will decrease from 100% in the day to 69% as we move into the evening. With temperatures feeling cold at 9°C.

Sunday 5 June

Sunday will be mostly cloudy with the occasional rain and drizzle throughout. Cloud coverage will sit at 86%.

Temperatures are forecast to hit highs of 15°C, and the evening will see lows of 9°C.

What is the Met Office long-range forecast for the UK?


Saturday will be a fine dry day. It will start off cloudy but the clouds will soon disperse and leave sunshine beaming through.

Winds will remain light, and temperatures will feel warm.

Temperatures are expected to hit a maximum of 22°C

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday

This weekend is expected to be more settled than recent days. There will be more spells of warm sunshine. Southern areas may turn cloudy with some showers breaking through on Friday.

What is the Platinum Jubilee?

Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating 70 years as monarch. Picture: Getty Images

The Platinum Jubilee is an event that will commemorate The Queen being on the throne for 70 years.

Queen Elizabeth II is the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee.

A jubilee is a celebration of the life of the monarch and is celebrated to mark significant milestones in a monarch’s reign.

Each Jubilee has a name, used to reflect a certain length of time:

  • Silver Jubilee: marks 25 years on the throne
  • Ruby Jubilee: 40 years
  • Golden Jubilee: 50 years
  • Diamond Jubilee: 60 years
  • Sapphire Jubilee: 65 years
  • Platinum Jubilee: 70 years