North East Weather: More snow forecast for Sunderland, Newcastle and beyond this week

The first snowfall of 2023 has now been and gone, but when can the region expect more for the remainder of this winter?

The North East’s first snowfall of 2023 came on Monday morning with flurries falling across Tyne and Wear over a period of around two hours before melting away quickly throughout the majority of the region.

What is the Met Office forecast for the next snowfall in the North East?

Anyone hoping for more of the white stuff falling in the coming days could be in luck with the Met Office predicting further snow at the end of the week. For the medium range forecast on the weather service’s website, explanations suggest snow could fall across central and northern areas and, while this could be limited to high ground, there is a chance for snowfall elsewhere across the region.

North East Weather: Met Office predictions show when Sunderland, Newcastle and beyond will next get snow.

The Met Office website says that very cold conditions are expected to continue throughout the remainder of the week with wintry showers expected to come in the early hours of Friday morning with additional wintry conditions expected on hills across the region into the weekend.

Is there any snow in the North East’s long-term weather forecast?

No further wintry conditions are expected by the weather service. Unsettled conditions are expected to continue throughout the rest of January with around average temperatures for the time of year.

The Met Office is expecting these conditions to continue with showers and high winds moving into February. Temperatures are expected to be mostly around average or slightly above.

Why is the Met Office long-term weather forecast so vague?

The Met Office says that longer-range forecasts are not wholly accurate and as days get closer the more accurately the weather service believes it can predict what the weather will be like on any given date. It is only within five days that the Met Office truly believes it is able to give an accurate representation of a weather forecast at the local level.