Will there be a heatwave in Newcastle in April 2022? Met Office weather forecast for Easter explained

The average high and low temperatures for Newcastle in April are 12°C and 4°C respectively, according to the Met Office.

Meteorologists are predicting a heatwave for some parts of the United Kingdom in April.

Jim Dale, a senior meteorologist at the British Weather Services said he would not be surprised if some parts of the UK experienced temperatures as high as 28°C.

"I think hot weather could come in fairly early as far as April is concerned perhaps,” said Mr. Dale,

“I know March is the start of spring but I think we’re probably going to get properly into April before we start to see the searing sort of temperatures."

He added: "I wouldn’t be surprised to see 26°C, 27°C, 28°C in the middle of April.

"Longer-term, given what’s happening globally in terms of the temperature profiles in the southern hemisphere and what’s also happening in the United States, I would not be surprised if we started to see some big highlights - in whichever direction it goes, either cold or hot.”

Will there be a heatwave in Newcastle in April 2022?

Long-term weather forecasts are not always accurate and are subject to change.

However, the beginning of April looks set to be wet in Newcastle and daily high temperature is set to be slightly below average.

Be that as it may, the end of April will be dry with several days of sunshine with the temperatures reaching into the mid-teens.

The high temperature for each day of April in Newcastle is expected to be between 10°C and 15°C - the average high and low temperatures for Glasgow in April are 12°C and 4°C respectively, according to the Met Office.

What is the weather forecast for Newcastle for the next few days?


“Dry for most, with sunny spells and light winds. Isolated showers possible in the afternoon, most likely over the Pennines. A chilly start, but feeling warm by the afternoon. Maximum temperature 17 °C,” said the Met Office.

Tuesday evening:

“Any showers soon dying out, then generally clear overnight. Mist, fog and slight frost developing in places towards the end of the night. Minimum temperature 0 °C.


“A chilly start with slight frost in prone rural spots. Patchy mist or fog until mid-morning, then dry with sunny spells and light winds. Isolated showers possible in the afternoon. Maximum temperature 18 °C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

“Mainly dry with sunny spells and light winds. Patchy mist and fog possible in the mornings.

“Warm by day, but remaining chilly overnight with some frost possible,” added the Met Office.

UK long-range forecast for (Sunday March 27 to Tuesday April 5)

“It will be largely dry for most, especially in the south and west, though some showers, possibly wintry, are likely in the north and east,” explained the Met Office.

“Nights will be chilly with some frost and early rural mist and fog patches will readily clear each morning.

“Cloudier conditions will persist in the far north with some light rain or drizzle at times, and patchy mist, fog and low cloud may impact the North Sea coasts.

“Winds will be light for most but breeziest in the far north and extreme southwest.

“Daytime temperatures are likely to be above average at first, when it will feel warm in the prolonged spring sunshine, but will decline slowly through the period, with a low chance of significantly colder weather spreading from the north for a time,” the Met Office added.

UK long-range forecast including Easter holidays (Tuesday April 4 to Tuesday April 19)

“Turning more unsettled during early April, with showers or longer periods of rain. These showers are likely to be heavy at times, with hail and thunder,” said the Met Office.

“Drier and more settled spells are still possible but are likely to be more short-lived than in late March.

“Temperatures are most likely to be near average, or perhaps slightly below at times,” it added.