What’s next on the North East weather front? Here’s your weekend update

The latest weather forecast for the North East

It looks like we’ll be having a sunny start to the day across most of the region with temperatures reaching highs of 11 degrees.

Sunderland and Northumberland will be lower at nine degrees, however, there will be a very low chance of rain.

Looking into the end of the weekend it will continue to be sunny across the region but we could see some cloud as well.

Temperatures will drop to single figures with highs of eight but Northumberland will feel the colder than that with things peaking at just five degrees.

Taking a look at the five-day forecast it will start out sunny at the weekend but we could see some cloud on Sunday.

The low chance of rain will continue over the weekend and into next week but temperatures will start to drop to single figures.

Moving into midweek temperatures will be as low as three degrees but that sun will make another welcome appearance.