Why I’ve decided to run the Great North Run 2023

Digital journalist, Holly feels inspired to run at the event next year.

I’ve lived in South Shields (home to the Great North Run finish line) pretty much my whole life. Every year, from being a small child, I would go down to cheer on the runners, and feel totally inspired and in awe of them.

I’ve always wanted to be a part of the Great North Run, to run it and raise money for charity, and yet I have never had the confidence within myself to do so.

Until now, as I have decided I will run The Great North Run 2023.

I have quite a few reasons behind my decision of why, after all of this time 2023 will be the year I run the Great North Run for the first time.

I will be approaching the age of 30 within the next few years, and I have a list of goals I would love to complete before then. Running the Great North Run was one of those. Another being that I would really like to lose weight, and become a healthier and fitter person in general.

I have lacked motivation to lose weight, even though I know I would feel better for it. However, having something to work towards - an end goal in sight, would be an incentive for me to start and keep on going.

Another huge reason is because events like these can do so much for important charities, who rely heavily on donations from fundraising events such as the Great North Run.

I have not been accepted by my chosen charity just yet, but I have applied for a place to run the Great North Run for them.

The charity I have chosen to apply for is Tommy’s, the largest UK pregnancy and baby loss charity. I chose this particular charity because sadly, baby losses have affected my family. My sister and her husband have devastatingly lost babies through miscarraige and ectopic pregnancy. My sister has also signed up for a place, and we hope to run the Great North Run together for this incredible charity.

At Tommy’s, donations are used to fund research into the causes of baby loss, improve maternity care, provide support for families who have experienced baby loss, and do so much more for pregnant people and their families.

I have already begun running, using the NHS Couch to 5K app to make a start. It hasn’t been easy, and my first run was quite difficult, but I am determined to keep going!

You can follow my health journey and GNR 2023 goal, on my new instagram page @projectholly22. I will also be posting updates on my twitter page @hollyallton.